'Disasters' is the second book in cooperation with L'Appât printing studio in Brussels. The first book 'Whales' was done in screen print and never made it onto my website because we had only 120 copies and they sold out before I could make an order form, sorry about that.

If you want to get book (€ 30,-), click here to get one! Shipping is FREE worldwide and in case of damage during transport you get a new book right away. 


'Disasters' (18 x 19 cm)  is a hand bound 28 page book containing 30 new drawings. It's an edition of 300 copies printed on an old Heidelberg printing press. The machine uses polymer master plates and high pressure to really stamp the drawing into the paper so the image has a slight relief. The rendering is absolutely razor-sharp. For those of us born in the eighties analog just means better, right?

The drawings are not in my gallery so you will have to get one if you want to see it for yourself ;).  As you will notice the compositions are somewhat loosely based on the etching series 'Los Desastres de la Guerra' by the  18th century Spanish painter and print maker Francisco Goya. 

I hope you will enjoy it and I look forward to hearing your comments! Thanks to Tim Van Herck for the pics.