About Danijel

I studied Fine Art and Painting at Sint-Lukas College of Art and Design in Brussels. After some years of experimenting with various media, I returned to my roots: ink pen drawing. This skill is rooted in my childhood and was largely forgotten during my time at the academy.

I remember as a child I was very fond of toys and also extremely greedy. I wanted all of them! I was obsessed with this desire and could hardly eat or sleep. Whenever I failed to acquire something I would try to draw it. I could at least posses a 'flat' version of the desired item for myself. After all these years, it almost feels like I cannot imagine a single object I have not tried to draw at some point.

This is basically how I learned to draw 'out of necessity', mostly using pencil or ink pen. As drawing itself became 'acquiring', it’s easy to get hooked. After all, drawing is free. One could say that, by drawing, I feel the same way a collector might feel when procuring a new item for his collection: ecstatic!